Better in than Out

by Mr. David Viner

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MATT MILTON Nifty country-blues fingerpicking and a bit of a Leonard Cohen influence here and there. Sour serenades for draughty bedsits. Favorite track: I've Got a Robin in my Heart.
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released July 1, 2011



all rights reserved
Track Name: Better in than Out
Baby's so well and adjusted so brightly,
to surroundings that would otherwise cost her so dearly
but clearly shes always been sure
or a mirror that shows more.
She talks to the darkness without a reply
thats more than most who've sat silent to try
shs a note thats been left by my bed,
unloved and unread.
shes says it takes one to know just one to forget one,
every new morning you hide your face from
mine, so I beckon the night
to play her, her song.
Fresh scented covers shape over her body,
a small wind from the window cools down her temper,
december brings earlier dusks,
better suited for us.
So seperate we'd sit all through the evenings
I brought to her just waht she needed
what i needed, i never would tell
so i left, wished her well
I left for the sun paced the coast tanned and shoeless
left her december, candlelight, clueless
but i knew this
wind in the road with straighten unfurl.
I returned without her ever knowing my going
walk right to her seat and i sat down beside her
she never looked up from her book
said " I'm so glad your back".
Track Name: Another Lonely London Night
The moon sits heavy on the water
unreachable from such a giddy height
it really makes you think as you look down in the drink
with the air so cold the Thames had turned to ice
I could of been a star like the ones up in the sky
but im not im just a boy on another lonely London night.
From Victoria (bridge) you came and sat beside me
said the lights were playing havoc with your eyes
and to see yourself so clear, before you dissapear
makes everything around a little nicer
then it struck me why, should it end just I?
When we could be holding hands on another lonely London night!
I looked at her and what a perfect body
oh the frogmen will smile at such a find
they'll count me just as mud like the countless other slugs,
sleeping at the bottom of the mire
I hope they put her up on show
with a blue plaque at the site
that read she was a victim of another lonely London night.
A lonely heart was never cured by loving
A loveless heart was never cured by love
You're born with what you got I was born with not a lot
I never had a match for a fire
It seems I never had the front to challange you to a fight
So I'll sacrifice myself to another lonely London night.
Track Name: A Simple Explanation
With tat like that I cant believe it were my songs.
the words I sung, the trap I sprung and strung you all along.
I guess it was our miry minds
skin as bad as ours I dread to think how rotten we are inside.
Though I was only an arms reach away from you
never felt we knew eachother, never felt we breached eachother
but in the end it worked out fine,
you kept hold of all your money, I kept hold of some of mine.
Thank God for circumstance, thank God for luck and chance
Thanks christ for right times and places
Thank him for ills and guns, thank her for medicines
Thanks for light for your faces
Wasn't it good or we fooling ourselves?
I remember smiling plenty, not to much of laughing wildly.
There was nothing that made me cry
not to know it, never show it, I recall slowly dying.
In fact I had no intention to stay
even less of singing for you, bringing wild flowers for you
You didnt see that I was going down
A simple call, any sized drink and I'd be there as quick as thunder.
Thank God for endings, Thank God for weddings
Thank Christ I found you when I did
thanks to all to those who came, those who didnt but tried in vain
Given half the chance I'd try again.
Track Name: I shot the Prime Minister
You're invited to witness a hanging where I will be the host
Come one come all and raise a glass my ending deserves a toast
one said "hangings far to good for him" lets see the bastard roast
I can't complain for I shot dead the Prime Minister
If you're fishing for a reason no reason will I give
someone had to die that day be thankful I let you live
Whats important's not a reason but the friend that you were with
were you holding hands the day I shot the Prime Minister?
For your curiosity of nthe details from that day
I'll share with you the very last words i'd hear him say
He said "All I tried to was change the clouds to white from grey"
Its no wonder I shot dead the Prime Minister.
From the rope I bid you all farewell to give the angels chace
I pray I find an open heart to take this sorry face.
I'll wait behind them pearly gates for he who takes my place
Ill stroke the soul who dares dead the Prime Minister.
Track Name: Silver in your eyes
As children we sat by that river and named you old silver for the colours you gave. Could of been from the backs of the perch neath the surface could of been from the moon on your waves. We were married in the heat of July, the evening grass took our weight and the breeze that rolled over her hair and the clover, we left none of that first night to waste. You fed my crops and watered my cattle, you cooled the neck of my wife. I'd sit with you till you ever stopped rolling I'd sit with you till you ran dry.
From out of the west a great fire swept, the heavens refused to stir. All of the while with the wee bairns asleep you kept your roar to a purr. You've that silver in your eyes and I've that silver in mine. Money was short an the children cried hunger and in the city you found work as a maid, you came home dejected, so tired and rejected but it was all worth it for the pay. Rumours speard like pollen to sting the eyes and throat and while you bathed in Old Silvers water I found the money in your coat. I never bought up suspicion, acted calm and unconcered. Every night I sit by that river and wait for a plan in return. You my friend, my faithful old river who talks wise and gently of all things, could you? would you? hide her and keep her and for your troubles I'll give you my ring. For you have that silver in your eyes and I have that silver in mine.
The ring sank and so did her body, the sides of your banks traced with blood. Its you and me now old silver river and secret that lies in the mud. Each night as the children lay sleeping I crept to old rivers bank. Shed a tear? no you wont catch me crying but a whisper to silver of thanks. For you ahve that silver in your eyes and I have that silver in mine.
Track Name: London, Farethee well
Well the ghosts had no scent
and thus they were able
to sneak in un noticed and set fire to the stable
there was evidence of struggle
from the burnt barn door splinters
I nver saw those horses die
but in the night I heard them cry
and thats not a sound to fall asleep to
Poor Mrs. Cheeseman she had trouble with the locals
she tried to quell a fight between
to baby boys with bottles
and for all her assistance
and her pleads for calm
she took one across the face and a deep cut to her arm
it goes to show there's no point looking out your window.
Now if your skin be it brown or be it black
you best not be going on the underground
with a bag on your back.
theres rats running round
theres a nasty deadly sound.
Ive been there too many times
and I wont be going back
London, I'll miss you.
Just slightly.
Track Name: Don't keep it a secret
I've my eyes on you as I drink in the dark
so violent my dreams, pulled you apart by the seams
took a bite from your heart.
I'd rise but my bones are as brittle as a winters air
all i need is a taste bring your lips to my ears
Dont keep it a secret.
You sat me down and danced around me
letting your feathers tease and caress me
letting me squirm in my seat.
I'd grab but my hands are chained and too heavy too rise
All i need is a sign bring your lips to my eyes
Dont keep it a secret.
Track Name: Blue Moon (it's you and me)
Well I sit looking out of my window,
and the clouds look familiar to me.
The chances that I wasted with a girl that I loved
are lit up i the stars for all to see
I long for the love which I so sorely miss
I know its the darkness that I'm forever with
Blue moon, tonight, it looks like its you and me.
Theres a breeze outside aint it cold.
The leaves look frozen from the frost.
theres a mist hanging low though ive a fire protecting me
but its the warmth of your love I miss the most.
I long for the love which I so sorely miss
I know its the darkness that Im forever with
Blue moon, tonight, it looks like its you and me.
Track Name: I've Got a Robin in my Heart
I've got a robin in my heart,
Ive got a robin in my heart,
It flits and it flutters lika the wind against the shutters
but I wont let it out
'cause I'm scared who it might start singing about

I've got a robin in my heart
I've got a robin in my heart
If it tries to sing to you
well I'll break its wings in two
For if that could sing
I'm sure sure he'd sing you everything

I've got a robin in my heart
I've got a robin in my heart
It pushes against my ribs
like the parchment feels the nib
of an author filled with fire
I'll deny her, she's nothing but a liar.

I've got a robin in my heart,
I've got a robin in my heart,
I'll do my best to hold her,
feel her red breast getting colder
I've got a robin in my heart slowly dying.