E​.​P. - Beyond Belief

by Mr. David Viner

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released June 1, 2011



all rights reserved
Track Name: What's Not To Love?
Come closer to me, the sky's not so frightening.
It's just the lightning, so silly so sweet.
A healthy young lover unbroken uncovered,
step into my church, it's safe and it's warm.
Stick close to me and don't stray too far now
There's a good girl now it's better with two.
A rose in the breast for each of our guests
Your words say more than your looks ever could.
You're one of us now open your eyes look around
What's not to love?

A glass lift will take you up to the third floor
refreshments await your arrival.
There are rules here in place you'd be best to abide by them.
Here's a pen now please go and sign it.
If your good you will rise to the top like a bubble
You'll easily pop if you cause too much trouble.
A scar on the cheek, employer of the weak
Your words say more than your looks ever could
You're one of us now open your eyes, look around
What's not to love?
Track Name: Is It Not Enough?
Is it not enough to be bathed by the sun.
To be warmed and have all your shadows disappear.
To understand That I gave no light
I gave nothing worth a damn
Before there was you, in darkness I did roam.

Is it not enough of a morning bugle call.
A banjo strum, a cellos hum, a kick drum, a dusty snare.
To understand that my footsteps, well they never made a sound.
Before there was you in silence I did roam.

And that my body was just a vessel for you.

Is it not enough to feel with such tender touch.
Like petals, like cold metal, like I've never felt before.
To understand that I never, I've never felt a thing.
Before there was you in darkness I did roam.
Track Name: Company Of Shadows
In the company of shadows, I have come to adore.
Swapped a bulb with the dampness of cold,
Chased the light from the floor.
I want to feel wax on my fingers,
Without a candle to hand.
Aint that just grand.
And I have danced with the shadows to the tune of the trees.
Put out the hum with a flick of my thumb,
Let the oil lamps bleed
Let my teeth darken colour for I don't want any lasting shine
For me that's quite fine.
And I have sat in a cave crossed legged and crossed eyed.
I remember a rose then again,
A rose is the only flower i know.
I'm not adverse to any difference but I don't want to learn what's new.
And I'd say that's mighty true.
Track Name: Always In Tune
You found yourself quite a talker
I bet he prays while he's alone.
Call me a cynic call me a traitor but whenever he's near
I'm off away down the road.
I'm sure he's all he's cracked up to be
Me and you, we've always been in tune.

I'm a boa constrictor, wrap myself around your legs
See my forked tongue flicker, the air is dead but I pick up a scent
It's not movement that I need
Me and you, we've always been tune.

If I was the night then you'd be the sea.

Throw down your wig lets go dancing.
The air is cold, it makes for a colourless night.
Sit yourself by my fire, Your infamous flames
they bring out the white of your skin.
But within your nothing but jewels.
Me and you we've always been in tune.